Importance Of Keywords In SEO

Why Keywords Are Important In SEO (2021 Guide)

The first step before writing a piece of content is to do Keyword Research, you need to understand which keywords are searched on Google and which keywords you should use to optimize your content so that you can rank for that.

If you want to know Why Keywords Are Important In SEO and how proper keyword research can help you boost your SERP rankings and On-Page optimization then keep reading

What Are Keywords

Keywords are nothing but words or a group of words which are being searched on Google, and if you optimize your content with these keywords, it will help search engines to find your blog to appropriate readers searching for it

Keywords play an important role in On-Page SEO

Working with the right keywords will help you to gain more traffic from search engines

Why Keywords Are Important In SEO

The Importance Of Keywords In SEO

As a thumb rule, you need to do proper keyword research before writing a blog post and optimize your content with it, as it will create the route between your site and the audience searching for it, and you need to fulfill their requirement by providing them valuable information

As a blogger, your aim is to rank higher on search engines and get traffic from it so the keywords you use will influence the type of traffic that you will get

The need for keywords differs from person to person

If you need to get targeted audience, then you should go with Long Tail keywords, as it will work better for you

On the other hand, if your aim is to drive a lot of audience to your site, then you should go with Short Tail keywords

But remember that short tail keywords have high competition and they are too tough to rank for a newbie blogger and the conversion rate are also low

Types Of Keywords

Keywords can be mainly divided into types:-

1. Short Tail Keywords

These are the ones which contain only 2 to 3 words such as “Make Money Online“, they are toughest to rank because these are generic keywords and have high competition

2. Long Tail Keywords

The ones which carry more than 3 words are considered as long-tail keywords such as “Make Money Online From Home No Scams“.

These are more specific than the short ones, also they have low search volume as compared to the short ones but the conversion rates are high

So you can use these ones to rank higher for particular keywords, as long-tail keywords are easier to rank

Where to Use These Keywords

After selecting the right keywords its time to put them into the content and optimize it

So for that, you can put your primary keyword in your Blog Title, which is the H1 for your post, try to put it at the beginning of the title, as it will work better

You can also put your keywords in the Permalink, H2 tags, Image ALT tags and Meta Description of the blog post

Try to implement relevant keywords in the introduction of your blog post, as it will help search engines to quickly understand what the content is about

Doing all these will also help you with your on-page SEO

Tips For Doing Keyword Research

1. Always go for longtail keywords, as they have less competition and easy to rank for. You might get low traffic but the traffic that you will get are the targeted one

2.Use tools for your research like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, which will help you a lot

3. When you start getting traffic to a particular blog post, try to create another blog post related to that topic and interlink them, so that your reader gets in-depth knowledge

4. Try to create a post that is trending in your niche

5. Look for the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, you can use Semrush for this, which is a great Keyword Research Tool, as it will give detailed information like Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, CPC, Competition, etc

How To Find Keywords Using Google Search And Ubersuggest

1. Note Down Related Topic & Keywords In Your Niche

First of all, make a list of keywords that are related to your topic, and you wanted to rank for

2. Do Analysis With Your Keywords

Once you are ready with your list, now go to Google search and type your keyword, it will start showing related keywords or topic that people search on Google

Keyword Research Using Google Search

3. Identifying short tail and long-tail keywords

Earlier we have discussed on the short tail and long-tail keywords, and we also come to know which are easier and which are toughest to rank

So eliminate the generic keywords, which contain 1-3 words

Try to ensure that the keyword you choose contains both head term as well as long-tail keywords

For Example: “Make Money Online From Home No Scams”

Here “Make Money Online” is the head term, whereas the remaining part is an add on which makes it more specific and have targeted audience

This types of keywords usually rank faster on Google

4. Analysis Using Ubersuggest

Now as you have come up with some keywords its time to get some data using Ubersuggest

Head over to Ubersuggest, type your keyword and it will show you the Keyword Difficulty, Search Volumes and CPC

Keyword Research Using Ubersuggest

See the difference in SEO difficulty for the two key phases

Keyword Research Using Ubersuggest

Expand your list by pressing “View All Keyword Ideas“, then Eliminate the ones which have high keyword difficulty and have no search volume

Try to choose the keywords that are less competitive and have moderate search volume

Releted Keyword By Ubersuggest

Maintaining Keyword Density

At last, the most important thing is to maintain a proper keyword density

Because when the crawlers will crawl your content they will determine what the content is about and for which keyword it should rank for from the keyword density

But remember do not over optimize your content with keywords as it will result in keyword stuffing, and it will impact your SEO negatively

The ideal keyword density should be around 1-1.5%

If you are running your blog in WordPress, then you can use a plugin called Yoast SEO, which will show your keyword density for a particular post and this plugin will also help you with your on-page optimization

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So that’s it, this is The Importance Of Keywords In SEO and you also came to know how to do proper keyword research using Google search and Ubersuggest

Hope it had helped you, also let me know if you have any query related to this topic in the comment section

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