SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Top 15 SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2021 As A Beginner

Are you trying to rank your articles and it’s just not happening?

So here are the top common SEO mistakes to avoid as a beginner, that might be affecting your rankings very badly.

1. Ineffective Keyword Research

Ineffective Keyword Research

It is one of the most important parts of SEO, as it can help you to gain more targeted traffic if you are using the right targeted keywords.

Without doing proper keyword research, you are just aiming in blind.

So before writing any blog post, you must do keyword research to check information like Keyword Difficulty, Competition, CPC, etc.

As a beginner who will like to write a blog post with high Keyword Difficulty and Competition that was too difficult to rank for.

Yes, if you are blogging for many years and have enough SEO knowledge and your site has high Domain Authority (DA), then you can surely go for that keyword.

2. Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the major mistakes that a newbie blogger makes. They put too many keywords in a single content which results in keyword stuffing.

Instead of keyword stuffing, you should optimize your content with those keywords.

You should use your keyword in your blog title/page title, permalink and meta description.

Remember that using too much keyword will not help you in better rankings instead, you will get penalties from Google and your ranking will further go down.

To avoid this problem, try to maintain your keyword density around 1.5% which is considered good from SEO point of view.

3. Broken Links

seo mistakes to avoid

Suppose you write a blog post and you find a relevant article that is more in-depth and informative, so you gave a link to that post.

Now let’s say that for some reason the author of that blog removed that post but still, the link of that article is present in your blog post or article, which is no more available.

This is known as a broken link. This will impact your SEO negatively.

You can use a plugin called Broken Link Checker to make sure that all the links in your article are working properly.

4. Using Duplicate Or Plagiarized Content

Always use original content written by you. Google loves original content.

Do not copy other’s content, it is one of the great SEO mistakes to avoid.

Good quality content should be informative and unique.

You do not have to be a professional writer for this, the only thing you need to have is the knowledge about that topic and you should be passionate about what you are doing, unless that you will get bored soon.

5. Not Using Images

It is always a good practice to put some relevant pictures or images in your article.

You might have heard the sayings that ” A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Word

Adding images will also enhance the user experience.

6. Missing Image ALT Tags

Missing Inage ALT Tags

As it is mentioned above putting images in your article is a great idea.

However, search bots cannot see or even understand what the image is about.

Here comes the use of ALT tags, you should use similar keywords in your image ALT tags.

Doing this will help the search engine bots or crawlers to recognize what the image is about.

Ensure that every single image on your website contains ALT tags. It will also help you in ranking your images in google images.

7. Using Long Paragraphs

It might have happened with you, that sometimes you open web pages/articles and find long paragraphs.

Do you really like to read that?

Or you just skipped that article and find another one?

Off course you have skipped that one, as no one like giant paragraphs.

So you must avoid using long paragraphs. Instead of using a long paragraph split it into two or more small paragraphs.

By doing this you will automatically improve the readability.

8. Making Grammatical Errors

Readers will not like your content if it contains too many grammatical errors.

You must ensure that your content does not have many grammatical mistakes, or at least keep the error minimum.

For this, you can use an extension called Grammarly, which will improve that grammar for you.

All you need to do is to add and enable the extension in your Chrome Browser and it will start doing its work.

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9. Not Using Mobile Friendly Theme

If you are not using a mobile-friendly theme, then it is one of the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in 2021. As there is more number of mobile users in 2021 as compared to before.

Check out these Best SEO Friendly Blogger Template and AMP Blogger Template For your blog

You should know that Google considers Mobile Friendliness as a ranking factor.

So if you are not optimizing your blog for mobile devices, then it will surely affect your ranking.

You can use a free tool like Google Mobile-Friendly Test, to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not.

10. Not Using Google Analytics

Not Using Google Analytics

If you are running a blog you should use Google Analytics on your blog.

It will help you very much to understand how the users/readers are interacting with your site.

You can also keep track, which article is getting more traffic by identifying the traffic generating keyword.

If you can know your audience, then you can better optimize your site.

So you must use it in your blog for better results.

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11. Irregular Content Publishing

If you are regular in content publishing it will help you to get more traffic.

Because when you publish content regularly, it was noticed by your reader as well as Google, which can help you to increase your Domain Authority (DA).

Also creating and publishing content regularly can improve the reader’s engagement with your blog.

Hence, you should make a schedule when to publish new content and stick to that ( for eg. Like every week on Monday).

12. Not Updating Your Content

Outdated Content

Search engines like fresh and updated content.

Keep updating your article with up to date, accurate and in-depth information.

By doing this you are offering your readers with the latest content and if your competitor is using outdated content, they will not get much visitors as compared to you, as one will rarely like to read outdated content.

It can also help you in increasing your rankings.

13. Using Too Many Ads And Pop-Ups

Yes, having too many ads and pop-ups in your blog can ruin the user experience.

Nowadays, some people even avoid visiting the site that uses too many pop-ups.

Think of a site that has more ads and pop-ups than the information they had on their site.

Will you like to visit it again? Or you will think twice before visiting it?

So you should use a limited number of ads in your site or say article, in order to maintain the user experience.

14. Slow Pagespeed

Google considers page speed as a ranking factor, so it can affect your ranking if your page speed is very slow.

You can use Google Pagespeed InsightPingdom or Gtmetrix to test your blog’s page loading speed.

If it is fast then it’s ok, and if it’s slow then one reason for this can be your web hosting provider, you can easily fix this by choosing a good web hosting provider.

You can also use a plugin called AMP for WP in addition to a Cache Plugin, as it can help you to improve your site’s speed.

15. Lack Of Patience

SEO takes time. So you cannot predict that an article written and published today will rank on Google tomorrow.

It takes time, effort and good quality content.

Therefore be patient and work hard, until you reach your goal.

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Well, these are some of the common SEO Mistakes To Avoid as a beginner in 2021.

Try to solve them, it will surely help you with your SEO and rankings.

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