How To Write A SEO Friendly Article

How To Write A SEO Friendly Article That Ranks On Google

In 2021 you cannot think of ranking an article on Google if you do not optimize your content for search engines as well as users

It may happen, that you have the best and informative content on the web, but the people who are searching for it may not find it, as you have not optimized it for search engines

In other words, we can say that you are sending most of your organic traffic to your competitors

So writing an SEO Friendly Blog Post will help you to stand out from the crowd (competitors) on the web

How To Write A SEO Friendly Article

1. Start With Keyword Research

Before you start writing an article, take some time, and do a proper Keyword Research

As the Right Keyword is your Key To Success

If you start writing an article, without proper research your article might not get rank on search results or you may be working on a keyword that has no search volume

When you start doing keyword research you will find many of them, you just need to find the right one for you

Right one means the keywords with low difficulty or you can also go with long-tail keywords which is more specific and it will help you to get the more targeted audience

But try to avoid generic keywords or say Short-tailed Keyword as they are more competitive than the long ones and are too difficult to rank for

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2. Create Catchy Headings

How To Write SEO Optimized Article

You should use keyword in your main heading (H1), along with it add some more words to make it more descriptive about your blog post

So that when someone reads the heading, they can easily know what they are going to read about

You can use your keywords at the starting of H1 because according to some research, it helps to rank higher on search engines

3. Use Proper Headings And Subheadings

Always remember you should only use one H1 in your entire article, which should be the title of your blog post

Then as you start writing your content, use H2 and H3 to make different sections of your article

Proper use of headings and subheadings will improve your On-Page SEO, so when search engine crawler will crawl your blog post, they will easily understand what you have written

4. Use Images

Using Images To Make SEO Optimized Article

While writing a blog post always put images on it

As it will make your content more attractive, and one will rarely like long paragraphs without images

After putting the images do not forget to fill the ALT tags in it.

You should make a habit of putting ALT Tags with relevant keywords in it.

It will also help you to rank your images on Google search image

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5. Create Proper Permalink

You can use relevant keywords in your permalink, and make it short and to the point as it will help readers and search engines to know about the article or blog post

If you are running an evergreen blog (long term blog), then you should avoid mentioning the year in it like 2021

Because if 2021 ends, you need to change it to 2022, as then no one will going to search for a term with 2021

And after you change your permalink to 2022, your search engine ranking will be affected, as changing the link will create 404 error

And it may happen that your ranked article get vanished overnight due to this

So try to avoid mentioning the year in the permalink

But if you are running a trendy blog, where you write about trending topics, you can use it there

As we all know that trending topics will only occur once, and no one will search after it gets over

So you do not need to change the permalink in this case

6. Write Detailed Blog Posts

Whenever you write a blog post or article, try to provide all the information you have on that topic

Cover all the points on that topic

So when visitors read that, their doubt should be cleared or at least they gain some knowledge from it

7. Be Original

Try to make your content unique

Unique in the sense that your article does not appear anywhere else.

For this, you just need to create content on your own, do not copy from others, then it will be original content

8. Optimize The Post Length

Try to make sure that your article contains at least 600 words

Google loves long articles, as long articles are always more informative and in-depth

While writing long articles try to maintain your Keyword Density around 1 to 1.5 %, which is considered good from an SEO point of view

9. Include Interlink In Your Post

Interlinking For SEO

Interlinking is considered one of the best and effective SEO techniques, as it enhances the user experience and helps Search Engines crawl your website effectively

Linking to other articles on a similar topic on your blog will help the visitors/readers to get more information they are looking for

Try to use keywords as anchor text links, when you are doing interlinking

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10. Use SEO Plugin

If you are running your blog in WordPress then you must use SEO by Yoast plugin

As it will help you to create SEO optimized article, by giving you suggestions

It will do 70% to 80% of your On-Page SEO

The plugin will scan your entire article thoroughly to ensure that all the keywords are in their appropriate place, you have done interlinking or not, ALT Tags in images had been put or not, and much more

SEO Analysis By Yoast
SEO Analysis By Yoast

You can also create a meta description for your article, which will be shown in the search result

11. Read Your Content Before Publishing

Before publishing any content read it once

Reading will help you to catch mistakes like spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc

Whenever you find such mistakes, make sure to correct it

After reading when you are satisfied that there is no more mistake and everything looks good, then publish it

This is How To Write An SEO Friendly Article completely, now one more step to go

12. Share On Social Media

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter can help you to drive traffic to your blog

You just need to join groups in your niche on Facebook, and whenever you publish new content just post there

There might be many people who are actively looking for it, and your article might get viral

Social Media plays an important role in traffic numbers, brand image, and much more

Check out Todd Stone Digital, a Digital Marketing consultant that can help you in Digital Marketing Strategy

Once people start recognizing your blog, then you can create your own Facebook page with your blog name

And you can start posting new articles there

13. Up To Date Content

Update Old Content For SEO

Search engines likes fresh and updated content

Try to update your content periodically, with more and in-depth information


So, this is the guide for “ How To Write A SEO Friendly Article” I hope it had helped you

If you have any questions related to this topic you can ask me in the comment section

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