How To Speed Up Blogger Blog

10 Effective Tips To Speed Up Blogger Blog

Blog loading speed plays an important role in your blogging success. Do you know that it also affects the amount of traffic that you got?

It was mentioned by Hubspot that, if a blog takes more than 3 seconds to load, then one can lose half of his visitors

Well we all know that in today’s busy world no one like to wait, therefore it is very important for being a blogger to speed up our site so that it can serve information quickly to our readers

So here I have discussed 10 Essential Tips on How to Speed Up Blogger Blog, which will definitely help you a lot

How To Speed Up Blogger Blog

First of all, check your blog loading speed for this, you can use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom or GTmetrix so that you can check the difference after implementing the tips

So here are the Effective Tips to Speed up Blogger Blog

1. Use AMP Templates

Use AMP Templates

Prevention is better than cure, you might have heard this phrase, so it is better to do a little research before selecting a template to know about the use of coding and javascript in it

Make sure that the template is well checked and clean coded, for this you can search for the template’s review on Google

Now check the loading speed of that template, for this just put the demo site’s URL in Google PageSpeed Insights and it will tell you

You need to choose the right theme which matches with your niche

For example: If you are running a news blog then go for ready mate news template, which is coded for this purpose and will work better

You can also use AMP templates which loads really fast, along with this they have a clean layout and are fully responsive

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2. Avoid Using Too Many Images

Images make your article more attractive but using too many will definitely slow down your blog post loading speed

Because images take too much bandwidth and time to load

But if it is necessary to put images to make your article more informative and in-depth then make sure to compress the images before uploading it to your blog

There are many online free tools like TinyPNG and many more, which you can use to compress the images

Compressing the images will reduce the webpage size, so it will take less time to load

It also reduces the use of server resources, which can help you to serve your blog quickly to the readers

3. Avoid Unnecessary Widgets

Avoid Unnecessary Widget To Speed Up Blogger Blog

Adding extra widget means adding extra coding in your template because each widget have their own codes which result in bulky coding and increases your blog loading time

So make sure the widgets that you really need are present there and remove the rest of them

4. Reduce The Number Of Posts In Homepage

Reduce The Number Of Blog Posts In Homepage

Changing the number of blog posts on the homepage can significantly affect your blog loading time

Because more the number of posts on the homepage, the more data is to be loaded during serving it to the readers hence more time is taken

To fix this just reduce the number of posts to 5-6 on the homepage which will speed up your blogger blog loading speed

To do this first go to settings then select on “Post, Comments & Sharing” section and change the show at most 6 Posts on the main page

Then press the “Save Settings” button and it’s done

5. Avoid Putting Too Many Ads

Do not put too many ads in your article, as ads are nothing but Javascript codes and adding many of them will finally end up with low site speed

Also adding or putting too many ads will affect the user experience

So try not to put more than 2-4 ads in one article, which do not affect the user experience and your site loading speed

6. Remove Background Images

Remove Background Images

Many bloggers use background images to make their article more attractive

But the downside of using such background images is that they take a lot of bandwidth and data to load

Which results in slowing down your blog loading speed

So try to remove such background images and only use the white colour background as it does not affect your site speed and also good for user experience

7. Avoid Using Popup Widget

Many bloggers install popup widget externally to their Blogspot blog, but again keep in mind that adding extra widget is like adding extra code in the template

Which will eat up your loading speed

Also using popup widget affects the readers as some readers do not like popup because it looks annoying to them

8. Do Not Add Extra CSS Files or Scripts

To change the template font and the size of it some bloggers add CSS files externally or implement that code in the template itself

But adding Extra CSS codes to change font and size is very difficult for a non-techy guys

Because finding such CSS scripts in HTML code is very difficult

Also, these codes take some space and time from your blog

Finally resulting in slow loading time, so try to avoid adding extra javascript and CSS files

9. Avoid Using Javascript Code

Javascript code can really be harmful for your blog speed as this takes too much time to load properly

And excess usage of this can let your visitors see a white screen before the page is fully loaded

So, try not to use too much javascript codes inside your blog

10. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You can use CDN, which will distribute your website’s data globally on different group of servers

So, now if a visitor tries to access your website from any country it can easily fetch data from the nearest server resulting in fast data processing

If you want to try CDN, then you can go with Cloudflare which provides free CDN services and it works for any kinds of blogs

How To Speed Up Blogger Blog: FAQ

How can I make my Blogger load faster?

So to make your blogger blog load faster, ensure that you do not put too many ads and images in your blog posts, remove unnecessary widgets or popups and avoid using javascript as much as possible
Apart from these, you can use CDN to make your blog load faster

Why is my blog so slow?

There can be several reasons for your blog to be slow, the main reason may be the theme you are using is not properly optimized for speed, another reason can be, you are uploading images to your blog without compressing them, which are badly impacting your blog speed

How important is page speed for SEO?

Page speed has now become a ranking factor after Google’s speed update.
Also, blogs with low page speed can result in an increased bounce rate, which indirectly can be harmful to your blog


So these are the 10 Essential Tips which will help you to Speed Up Your Blogger Blog

Do not forget to check your site speed in Google PageSpeed Insights to see how your blog is performing after implementing these tips

Also if you have any more suggestion put it in the comment section to share it with others

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