How To Delete A Blog On Blogger

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger (Step By Step Guide)

Hey, do you have a blog hosted on Blogger and you wanted to delete it?

Then in this blog post, I have explained the step by step process on How To Delete A Blog On Blogger

Blogger is one of the best and popular platform for beginners to start and launch their blog online at no cost

So you do not have to worry about hosting charges, technical stuff, and even provide free subdomain and SSL certificate to start with

Thus creating a blog on Blogger is absolutely free, so most people start their blogging journey with it

However, at some point, you may realize that you wanted to delete a blog because you may no longer want to work on it or you made a blog by mistake

Whatever the reason maybe, but you wanted to delete your blogger blog

So let’s check out How to Delete a Blog On Blogger

How To Delete A Blogger Blog?

Step 1: First of all log in to your Blogger account using gmail

Step 2: From the top left-hand corner, choose and select the blog that you want to delete

Step 3: Now navigate to settings >>other, from your blogger dashboard

Blogger Settings Dashboard

Step 4: Beside Remove Your Blog, you will see “Delete Blog” link, click on it

Selecting Blog to Delete It

Step 5: After you click the “Delete blog” button a pop-up screen will appear, from where you can download a backup of your blog by clicking “Download Blog” or else click “Delete This Blog” to delete your Blogger Blog

Deleting a Blogger Blog

That’s it, the blog had been successfully deleted

How To Recover Deleted Blogger Blog?

After you delete your Blogspot blog, you have 90 days time interval, on which you can easily recover your deleted blog

So to recover your deleted Blogspot blog, sign in to your Blogger account

Now press the drop-down menu situated at the top left-hand side and then from the “Trashed Blogs” section select the blog you want to recover

Selecting Blog To Recover It

After that, a screen will appear where you will get 2 options “PERMANENTLY DELETE” and “UNDELETE”

Recovering Deleted Blogger Blog

Press “UNDELETE” and your blog will be restored

Note:- If you press “PERMANENTLY DELETE” that will delete the blog permanently, or else you can leave it like that and it will be permanently deleted after 90 days or 3 months

How To Delete A Blogger Blog: FAQ

How do I permanently delete my blog?

To do that first delete the blog by heading over to setting >>other, then from the Delete blog section press the “Delete Blog” link
Now head over to the top left corner, from the drop-down, under the deleted blog option choose the blog that you want to delete permanently
After that, you will get the option “PERMANENTLY DELETE”, click on that and that will permanently delete the blog

How do I delete a Blogger blog without a password?

For this, you need to recover the password of your Gmail account associated with your Blogger blog, then sign in to your Blogger account and simply delete the blog
Or else you can submit your request to Blogger team, they will verify it and do it on your behalf

Does blogspot delete inactive blogs?

No, unless and until you delete your blog manually it will be there. But if there is some Privacy Policy violation that can lead to deletion of your blog

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So you have learned How To Delete A Blog On Blogger easily by following the steps above

Do let me know in the comment section if you face any problem while deleting your blog

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