How To Create Dofollow Backlinks

5 Best Ways To Create DoFollow Backlinks For Beginners

After keyword research, the most time-consuming part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or say Off-Page SEO is to create backlinks and specially Dofollow Backlinks

As we all know that a successful content is a mixture of proper keyword placement, uniqueness, content length, and backlinks (Dofollow Backlinks)

So, here I am going to share the 5 Best Ways To Create Dofollow Backlinks For Beginners, but before that let’s understand what are backlinks and the types of it

What Are Backlinks?

When a webpage link to another webpage then it’s called a backlink. In simple words, we can say that backlinks are the links that are pointed towards a blog or websites

The number of backlinks indicates the popularity of a website

Backlinks not only help you in your SEO but also help you to get traffic from the website where you create it

Generally, backlinks are of two types:

1. Dofollow Backlinks

This type of backlinks allows search engine crawlers to crawl and pass link juice to the linked website/webpage

Here is an example of how a Dofollow link looks:

<a hrefs=””>Example</a>

When Dofollow links come from other webpages to your webpage and that website is related to your niche, then the link is more beneficial for you

Advantages Of Dofollow Backlinks:

  • Boost your page rank
  • Boost your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)
  • Increases Traffic

2. Nofollow Backlinks

It does not allow search engine crawlers to crawl the linked webpage

Here is an example of how a Nofollow link looks:

<a hrefs=”” rel=”Nofollow”>Example</a>

This type of links does not provide much benefit to a website

Now let’s move on and see How To Create Dofollow Backlinks

How To Create High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks

1. Guest Post

It is a simple and easy way to get a backlink from a webpage

The idea behind guest posting is that you need to write an unique content for a blog on your niche, and if the admin of that blog approve your content and publish it, then you will get a Dofollow backlink

The major advantage of guest posting is that it will boost your Domain Authority (DA) and increases your referral traffic

But remember to submit your guest post on high authority websites which is related to your niche

Tips: Try to create a user-friendly article and avoid copyrighted material for a better chance of approval

2. Broken Link Strategy

Let’s say that a website link out to another website for a particular webpage but for some reason, the author of the other website have to change the permalink of the post or may have removed that post and it creates a broken link for the 1st website

This means that the link is worthless, so it will affect his ranking and SEO, also Google will penalize such sites which are confusing and directing the users to a dead end

Now your work is to find such dysfunctional links for this, you can use a chrome extension called Check My Links which will check broken links for a particular page

Once you find such links your job is to contact the owner of the website to notify him about the broken link, and provide him a valuable and relevant replacement for that link

3. Commenting On Relevant Blogs

Comment On Relevant Blogs to Create a Backlink

It is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks from a website

For this, head over to other blogs which are relevant to your niche and open any blog post

Now try to comment which adds value to the post like you can ask any question related to that topic, but avoid writing “nice post” or “good post” as it does not add any value

And in most of the cases whenever you comment it will go for moderator approval and there are high chances that comments like “nice post” will be put into spam and it will never be approved

4. Write Engaging And High-Quality Content

You might be thinking how writing engaging and high-quality content can provide you a Dofollow backlink

So let me clear this, whenever you publish new content on the web, there are many other bloggers who read your blog and if they found engaging and high-quality content in your blog, they might provide you a link for that blog post

But the quality of the blog post matters here

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5. Share On Social Media

Share on Social Media To Get Backlink

This is an effective way to get backlink and Google also count social share as a ranking factor

For this, you need to have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc and join the groups which are related to your niche

After that whenever you publish a new content in your blog also make sure that you submit it in your social media groups also

If people visit your blog and find it helpful they will also start sharing your blog post with other people, in this way you can also drive huge traffic on your blog

Apart from all these methods, if you have a budget and you want quick result then you can use LinkLifting, a semi-automated SEO service that will help your website to rank higher in search engines and thus get more organic traffic (the price will depend on the difficulty of the keyword that you wanted to rank)


So these are the 5 Best And Effective Ways to Create Dofollow Backlinks, which I personally use

But remember to create backlinks from websites which are relevant to your niche and avoid spammy websites for creating backlinks, because the quality of the backlink matters than quantity

And always make sure to create high-quality content, which will help you to get backlinks in future

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