How To Configure Antispam Bee To Block Spam Comments In Wordpress

How To Configure Antispam Bee To Block Spam Comments In WordPress

Getting spam comments is common when your blog starts getting traffic, and it is the most annoying thing because day by day you will get more and more spam comments and it will be difficult to delete them manually

So in this article, I will share How To Configure Antispam Bee To Block Spam Comments In WordPress automatically

How To Block Spam Comments In WordPress Using Antispam Bee

First of all, you need to install the Antispam Bee plugin, for that go to the Plugins section and click Add New

Now in the search box type “Antispam Bee“, you will get the official plugin by Pluginkollektiv then press Install Now and activate the plugin

Installing Antispam Bee Plugin

Once the plugin is activated go to Settings>>Antispam Bee option, to configure the plugin

Antispam Filter

In this section, you can set rules which will help to detect the spam comments

Antispam Bee Filters

Trust Approved Commenters

If a user had previously approved comments on your blog and this option is enabled then from the next time that particular user’s comment will be approved automatically because the plugin will recognize the name of the user and mark them as trustworthy commenters

Trust Commenters With A Gravatar

It is quite similar to the above option, it just approves comments by recognizing the gravatar image instead of commenter’s name

Consider The Comment Time

This option was unchecked (off) by default and it considers the time for determining spam comments

Also, it is also not recommended for Blogs that use page caching

BBCode Is Spam

It is highly recommended to enable this option because if you are getting comments that contain links (generally outbound links) it will put those comments on the spam list

Usually BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) links are often used by spammers and bots

Validate The IP Address Of Commenters

It uses the commenter’s IP address to determine whether the comment is spam or not

Filters Antispam Bee

Use Regular Expressions

If this option is enabled then the plugin will compare the comment with a set of particular pattern that spammers mostly use and decides whether the comment is spam or not

If any similarities are found then the comment will be put into the spam list

Look In The Local Spam Database

It was enabled by default and it uses your Blog’s database data to determine spam

Block Or Allow Comments From Specific Countries

It can be used to block comments from specific countries

You just need to press the ISO Codes to get the country code and put it in the provided box and after that, no users from the specified country can leave a comment on your blog

Allow Comments Only In Certain Language

It can be used to allow or approve comments for only the specified language

Like if you write your articles in English and wants comments only to be in English, then you can set this option to English and if a commenters write a comment on other languages then the comment will be put into the spam list


In this section you can choose what to do with the spam comments like deleting them, getting spam notification and much more, let’s go into details

Advanced Antispam Filters

Mark As Spam, Do Not Delete

If this setting is enabled then the Antispam Bee plugin will keep the spam comments in your database and you have to delete them manually

Spam-Notification By Email

If you enable this option then you will get a notification in email each time you got a spam comment on your blog

I recommend disabling this option because if you get too many spam comments then your email account will also be filled by spam notification and this is really annoying

Do Not Save The Spam Reason

If you enable this option then the plugin will not mention the reason why it had put a particular comment in the spam list

I find it helpful because I want to know why a comment was in spam list, so I unchecked this option

Delete Existing Spam After X Days

You can use this setting to delete the spam comments automatically after a certain number of days, which you can mention in the provided space

It is useful for managing and deleting the spam comments

Advanced Setting

Limit Approval To Comments/Pings

If you enable this option, then the comments will be approved based on trackbacks

Delete Comments By Spam Reasons

It can be used to select reasons for spam comments to be deleted


From this section, you can get statistics or data of the spam comments

More Antispam Bee settings

Generate Statistics As A Dashboard Widget

If you enable this option then you can see about spam statistics right on your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Spam Counter On The Dashboard

It will show how many spam comments you are getting on a particular day

Do Not Check Trackbacks/Pingbacks

If enabled then the plugin will ignore all trackbacks and pingbacks

Comment Form Used Outside the Posts

If enabled then the plugin will also check the comments on archive pages

That’s it, now click on the “Save Changes” button and Antispam Bee will start functioning

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Antispam Bee is an easy to configure plugin which will help you a lot to block spam comments

Once configured Antispam Bee will start doing its work

Hope you find this helpful and do not forget to share it with your friends

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